"I highly recommend Silvia for an entire host of author services. In particular, Silvia is an extraordinary video editor. Finding a talented and trustworthy video editor is one of the biggest challenges facing an author. But, with a little patience, a touch of perseverance, and—let’s face it—a whole lotta luck, the right person comes along and magic happens. Well, we all know that the best magic doesn’t just happen . . . it’s performed. And that’s just what Silvia does: she takes an author’s ideas, concepts, dreams, etc., and translates them into stunning visual magic. 
That’s why Silvia is the official video editor of Vaempires. Sure, you can choose someone else to do it, but don’t blame me if all you end up with is cheap parlor tricks."
Thomas Winship, Author
"I was thrilled to have Silvia design a book cover for my novel. She did a fantastic job in creating the one for Shadow Embraced, she looked at the story and created something that really portrayed the main character. I would highly recommend Silvia’s graphic design skills for anyone in need of a book cover.
Also, Silvia really outdid herself when she created a trailer for my book. She found footage that really suited the mood and theme of the story, and was able to edit the trailer around the music I provided her to create an outstanding trailer."
Cheree Smith, Author
"I can’t recommend Silvia highly enough. I came to her with a requirement to rebuild my website from top to bottom, bringing its design and functionality up to more “modern” specs. Right out of the gate, Silvia allayed my fears that the request might be too much, assuring me that she had a plan in mind and was, in fact, enthusiastic about the opportunity. I’m a process guy in my day-to-day working life, and I took note of her process right away. Like any good designer, she started by gathering requirements and using those to synthesize possible design and functional solutions. It didn’t take her long to understand my needs and tastes and come up with a suitable, holistic approach. 
Once we had hammered out the major details, she went forward with the plan, consulting with me on the 'big' decisions and using her judgment for the smaller stuff (and her judgment proved to be worth trusting, believe me). I found her execution and communication to be nothing short of flawless, producing not only an appealing online platform but also a highly functional integrated web store that continues to deliver value. I’d easily recommend her for your design needs, as you can trust her to listen to your needs and concerns and integrate those with her sharp eye for design."
Jonathan D Allen, Author
"Reaching new readers requires technical know-how and creativity, both of which Silvia has in abundance. Her book trailers capture the essence of the story while giving potential readers an incentive to look closer. I found the production process smooth and painless, from start to finish, something this busy author always appreciates. I heartily recommend this lady's expertise."
Jana Oliver, Author
"I love my design [. . .] Silvia's the creative one, we e-mailed back and forth with what I wanted and how she could make it happen for me. I really love what she’s done, and if I want something else, I know she’ll do the work in a timely manner, and at a fair price."
Lexxie, Book Blogger
"I am extremely thrilled with the result of this promo video for my Editing business! Silvia has outdone herself and created something that reflects the true essence of my business. I wanted to have a video that showed my customers my friendly-yet-professional approach, and Silvia beautifully delivered perfection. She is very talented, and I won’t hesitate to recommend her to others. If you want an outstanding promotional video done in a timely manner, stop your search because she is the one you need to hire!"
Francesca Poggi, Freelance Editor
"I am thrilled with work that has been done for my blog. Silvia had an intuitive ability of tailoring the graphics & design to my taste. Her distinctive and beautiful artwork,with classy, functional layout, work perfectly for my purposes. It’s great being able to have the graphics to use them on my Facebook page as well. All work and communications are carried out efficiently, professionally, and with a smile. I doubt I shall tire looking at my blog banner. A top notch job!  I highly recommend her services."
Georgina Merry, Author
"Silvia has produced the most beautiful images, and a video, for my book series; she has captured the mood perfectly, executed everything with precision and sensitivity, and is a joy to work with."
Terri Nixon, Author
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